September update from the Rector Search Committee

The Rector Search Committee has been working faithfully and steadily since last spring. Our group is made up of people from both the 8 AM and the 10 AM services. We range from relative newcomers to seasoned parishioners. But most importantly, we are committed to being open to the Spirit in all that we do. We are almost finished with one of the biggest steps in the process, namely writing the Parish Profile. This is an important part of the process, as we want to give prospective candidates an accurate sense of who we are as a community, and how we try to live out the Gospel beyond the Sunday Services. The next step will be to have the document published on the diocesan website and nationally. Then when applications start to come in, we will begin to review them and move towards interviewing candidates. Our hope is to begin interviewing by the New Year.

We are very hopeful and confident that the Spirit will lead the right person here. It is very important to the entire group that the whole parish feels included in the process. To accomplish that we had a parish wide meeting and have recently put up posters on which people could add their input on such topics as why Good Shepherd is important to them, and where they see this parish going in the future. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

The committee includes: Chris O’Leary, chair, Elgin Summerfelt, Rafael Pupo, Tom Hoch, Ellen Harland, Bev Ridpath, Deb Flint-Baum, Kristen Bates, Wendy Feddersen and Neal Ogle. Please continue to keep the committee in your prayers as we move forward in this process.

For the committee,

Ellen Harland