This is an exciting time for the church as we take ownership of a new strategic vision. We are grateful to the collective spiritual wisdom and vision of our congregation who helped identify our core values.


a caring community of faith

We are a caring and inclusive faith community that welcomes, celebrates, and supports all people in worship, fellowship, and the various ministries we offer.

a community engaged in mission

We are called to be the change we want to see in the world by honoring human dignity and seeking to improve the rights and conditions of people locally, nationally, and globally.

a community immersed in compelling worship

We offer compelling worship that celebrates the Holy Eucharist, immerses us in the sacred mystery of God, and brings the healing touch of Jesus Christ to bear in our lives and, through us, into the world.

Loving and Joyous God,
We give thanks for the abundance made manifest in who we are and what we have as a church.
Illuminate and reveal our path as we step out in faith.
Guide us as we claim our unity in the midst of our diversity.
Help us be the change you want to see in the world,
a sanctuary of Christ’s love in the wider community. AMEN.
— The Vestry and Strategic Visioning Committee at the launch of the visioning process in 2017.