Pastoral Care

We at Good Shepherd strive to see in each other the Holy Spirit which connects us. We believe that as a part of our call from God we need to nurture and take care of one another; celebrating joyous events and being there in time of need.
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pastoral care team

The Pastoral Care team reaches out to people in need of support at difficult or stressful times in their lives. We provide meals, visit housebound parishioners, organize rides, and send notes of encouragement. We also distribute prayer shawls and often provide help to organize receptions after memorial or funeral services. 


Prayer chain ministry

The Good Shepherd Prayer Chain is a powerful prayer group of church members who have volunteered to pray for your concerns for up to two weeks. If you have a concern of any size, submit your prayer request to pass it along to the Prayer Chain anonymously or according to your preferences.


prayer shawl ministry

For more than 15 years this group of knitters and crocheters have produced shawls with prayers imbedded in the very fiber. We give these shawls to members, their families and friends, and even friends of friends, in order to celebrate, to heal, and/or to comfort and provide strength.

The group is always happy to teach knitting and crocheting to new members. We have yarn, needles, hooks, and patterns available to anyone who wants to produce shawls.