The Church of the Good Shepherd recently bid farewell to its beloved rector and begun the process to call a new priest. The vestry, search committee, and Interim Priest, Rev. Melissa Buono, are leading the congregation through this time of transition.

We expect that it could take as long as 18 months until our new rector arrives.

January 2019: Search committee formation and commissioning
February - May 2019: Research, writing, and publication of the Parish Profile
June - September 2019: Receiving names, creating the “long list”
October - November 2019: Phone interview, background check, short list
December 2019 - February 2020: Interviews, visits, final selection, call
May 2020 - Arrival of new rector

Search committee memberS

Chris O’Leary

Rafael Pupo

Ellen Harland

Debby Flint-Baum

Tom Hoch

Kristen Bates

Elgin Summerfelt

Joanne Stephane

Wendy Fedderson

Neal Ogle

Bev Ridpath