Week of February 1

Sunday February 4
8:00am: HE with Healing Prayers
8:30am: The Morning Choir Rehearsal
10:00am: HE with Healing Prayers
Church School
Nursery Available
11:45am: Epiphany Adult Formation – Session 5; Childcare Provided
Tuesday February 6
10:00am: Staff Meeting
Wednesday February 7
7:30am: HE with Healing Prayers
8:00am: Potluck Breakfast
Noon: Bread and Banter-St. Valentine’s Day
1:30 to 3:00pm: Rector Drop-in Hours
7:30pm: Hop, Skip and Jump Bible Study – The Book of Wisdom: In Praise of Sophia;
Reading: Chapters 1:1-15, 5:1-23, 6:12 – 25, 7:23 – 8:1, and 19:22
Saturday February 10
9:00am: Finance Committee Meeting
Sunday February 11 ANNUAL MEETING
8:30am: The Morning Choir Rehearsal
9:00am: HE with Food Ingathering followed by Annual Meeting
Church School
Nursery Available
Epiphany Adult Formation – Session 6
Rescheduled from February 18
Begins After Annual Meeting; Childcare Provided

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