Week of October 12

Thursday October 12

7:15pm: Anthem Choir Rehearsal

Saturday October 14

9:00am to Noon: Finance Committee Meeting

Sunday October 15

8:00am: HE

9:15am: Anthem Choir Warmup

10:00am:HE with Church School

Nursery Available

Undies Sunday Collection for Lowell Transitional Living Center

11:30am: One-to-One Refresher Training

11:30am: Youth Choir Rehearsal

Tuesday October 17

10:00am: Staff Meeting

7:30pm: Shawl Ministry

Wednesday October 18


7:30am: HE with Healing Prayers

8:00am: Potluck Breakfast

1:30pm: Rector Drop-in Hours

7:30pm: Hop, Skip and Jump Bible Study – Reading assignment below

Saturday October 21

All Day – Set up for Mission/Ministries Fair

9:30am to 11:30am: Lessons and Carols Rehearsal

11:30am to 12:30pm: Voices Rising Rehearsal

Sunday October 22


8:00am: HE

9:15am: Youth Choir Warmup

10:00am: New Eu(charist) for All Ages

Church School attends services

Nursery Available

Dialogue with Crystal McCarthy, Development Assistant from the Lowell Transitional Living Center at both services

Mission/Ministries Fair after both services

Undies Sunday Collection for Lowell Transitional Living Center

11:30am: Youth Choir Rehearsal

11:45am: Adult Formation – Worship as a sign and foretaste of heaven

1:30pm: CROP Walk

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