Weekly Word from the Fold – Jun 9, 2016

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

On Sunday we say our formal farewell to Aileen, as she prepares to depart for Christ Church, Rochdale in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. As I am sure you know by now, she will serve as Priest-in-Charge in what will be her “first call.” I am very excited for her and for Christ Church as both prepare to begin a new phase of ministry and life in Rochdale.

I am very glad that I have had a hand in Aileen’s formation as a priest and will miss having her as a colleague and a friend. I’ve had tremendous fun with Aileen and she has a great sense of humor which is vital in parish life. I will particularly miss her smart and insightful way of seeing things and her naturally pastoral manner. I know that I am not alone in saying that she is very caring and very thoughtful. Christ Church will benefit from all of the good stuff that Aileen brings.

It takes a congregation to raise up a curate and I am very grateful to the everyone for assisting in Aileen’s formation over these last two years of change and transition. I encourage you to drop her a note or reach out during the next few weeks as a way of saying a proper goodbye. I know she will appreciate it. Although her final Sunday at CGS will be July 3rd, we thought it best to formally acknowledge and celebrate Aileen’s time with us on June 12th as this marks the end of the church program year.

I hope that you can make it on Sunday and stay for the Parish BBQ following the late service,


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