Weekly Word from the Fold – Jun 2, 2016

Gradually (and with God’s Help) Wisdom Comes

The graduation season is upon us. Congratulations to all our young people who are moving up and moving on and to our parents too! No doubt there is much still to do, as well as parties to organize and attend. There are so many transitions during the school years as little ones go from nursery school to kindergarten, elementary to middle school and then as teens make the leap from High School to College. I spent my formative High School years in an all boys environment, so it was tremendously exciting when I finally got to be in class with young women. I couldn’t get over how smart they were and how mature they were compared to my pimply-faced, tongue-tied self!

My own lack of preparedness for life-changing events stands in marked contrast to what I see in the way suburban kids are raised today. I appreciate how consciously parents (Fran and I, included) prepare our kids for each new phase of their lives. I take my hat off to all parents of graduating seniors for the hard work put in to get their kids to this important stage of life.

So here’s my take-home “plug”:

Wouldn’t it be great if those of you who are preparing to be “empty-nesters” for the college years, could find time to pick up old hobbies and also get more involved in church life? There is a common belief that suburban churches need more young families in the mix. I maintain that we need more empty-nesters given that they are more likely to have the time and resources necessary to “give back” and sustain church life in a way that many young families simply cannot.

In terms of the process of spiritual maturation the challenge is simple (and complex): Seeing our own God-give purpose in terms that go beyond our immediate families, and embracing concern for the flourishing and fullness of life itself. Put it another way, “Wisdom comes with age.”

May the celebrations go well, our kids stay safe and God’s blessings abound during this graduation season.

See you Sunday,


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